The Maggots Found after Doing Hair Extensions

The Maggots Found After Doing Hair Extensions

The maggots found after doing hair extensions – Irene Myangoh was an women in Kenya who complained of headaches were unbearable. After passing a series of examinations in the doctor, finally found out that the cause of the pain it is carnivorous maggots growing inside her head.

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As reported in the Daily Mail on Saturday, October 31, 2013, the maggots in the Irene Myangoh ‘s head came after she made hair extensions. The Doctors believe that Myangoh purchased her hair extension from the corpse.

It all started with a desire Myangoh appear charming hair. She was doing some hair extensions. A personal assistant at a law firm in Nairobi, Kenya, bought the hair extensions from a salon.

But, after having hair extensions, she had headaches for two weeks. She has drinking a reliever drug but a little effect.

Unable to stand, Myangoh see the doctor and she did blood tests and brain scans. But the result is negative. Then the doctors examine her scalp and found maggots in the meat-eaters in her head.

The problems experienced Myangoh shave her hair and took an antibiotics.

The salon manager said, Myangoh doing hair extensions in 10 packages. The salon ever had sold a total of 150 pieces in all branches in less than 2 months.

“I was shocked to hear this problem because the first time it happened to my client, ” said the unnamed woman.

“I would ask for more information from my suppliers because we import this from the UK, USA and India,” she said.

This case that happened to Myangoh make the salon will likely refuse to supply the plant again and promised to pay the compensation to Myangoh.

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