Tips to Avoid Broken and Branched Hair

Tips to Avoid Broken and Branched Hair

For women, having long hair is a struggle. This means that to have long hair needs complex care and have long term process. One of the most frequent problems experienced by women with long hair is the broken and branched hair.

Usually they have done practical way to avoid broken and branched hair with choosing short haircuts. But in fact this is not an issue that cannot be overcome, as long as know the cause then you can handle it quickly.

Branched and broken hairs usually appear as hair growth. Hair oil produced by oil glands under the scalp is not up to the tip of the hair. Thus causing the hair becomes dry and brittle compared to the center of the stem or hairs root. Other causes for coloring hair and use a shampoo that does not comply with the condition of the hair. Can also brush your hair and comb your hair quality is not supported.

There are several ways for the broken and branched hair treatment, one of the practical is by cutting your hair shortly. This is not the preferred way, especially if you want to lengthen your hair. But if this is not done then the more you do to elongated hair damage the hair should be cut more and more.

short haircut to avoid broken and branched hair

Take care with a conditioner or cream. Treatment with this if done once a week, enough to help if your hair is fragile and likely to rupture, as a result of the use of blow dryer or straightening process and curling. You can make it own to avoid from chemical hair treatment, you can using hot oil treatment with jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil or you can mask your hair by avocado hair mask or vanilla hair mask.

Trim / steam your hair routine every 8 or 12 weeks if your hair is long or 6 weeks for short hair. Trim the ends of your cracked hair with the layer model. This model can remove cracked hair without requiring you to lose most of the hair.

Avoid using too frequent menstruation dryer and hair brush or comb. Use a good of quality of hair brush or comb. Do not use a comb that had lost some teeth.

hair layer to avoid branhed hair

To get rid of cracked hair a good idea to do a proper sweep. Use a brush comb that has a spherical bearing on the end. Cushions will give a stimulus to grow healthy hair. Combing not only remove dust and tidy, but help to spread the oil content of the hair need.
Before shampooing, comb your hair first so easy to set up and tangle. Use a wide-toothed comb when hair is wet. That hair is soft and you should use a big brush comb. So you should always clean your brush comb. Good luck to try our tips.

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