Tips to Control Oily Hair and Scalp

Tips to control oily hair and scalp

Does your hair limp, difficult to set, and always look messy? Hair conditions as it is very annoying. Do you know the cause of it? Yes, of course the cause of the problem is excess oil levels on the scalp. Therefore you need to know how to control the excess oil on the scalp.

Many people assume that the cause oily scalp because they do not wash or shampooing regularly. Fact quite the contrary, that shampooing too more and often makes the scalp’s natural oils lost and filled with chemical residues.

It keeps the scalp becomes extremely dry and cause the glands to produce more oil. Not surprisingly, after a dry scalp no longer, it becomes very oily. So, do not be too frequent shampooing and use shampoo to taste.

In choosing a shampoo, you also have to be more selective. Use a shampoo formula that is designed for oily scalp. If you use a conditioner, ensure that only applied to the ends of the hair and not on the scalp. Do not use too much conditioner, because the formula can make the hair more oily.

It is no less important is to watch your intake of foods or nutrients on a daily basis. When you are eating lots of foods high in fat, greasy, and the high sugar, do not be surprised if the hair is more oily than usual.

That’s because the body will remove excess oils that you eat through the skin, including the scalp area. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetable, also reduce the consumption of foods that contain lots of fat and oil.
That is a simple tip how to control oily hair and scalp, see how to treat a greasy hair for more article about oily hair and treatment. Find more hot tips about benefit of ginger oil for hair, lavender oil for hair loss and the best castor oil for hair treatment.

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