Tips to Make your Baby’s Hair Thicker

Tips to Make your Baby’s Hair Thicker

Tips to make your baby’s hair thicker – Having a baby is a very precious gift from God moreover when a baby is the first time for us. A healthy baby is a dream for every woman. But why does the baby’s hair tends to thin and not heavy at birth? This cause hair grows from the follicle while the fetus is still in the mother’s womb does not fully shed or fall out.

Therefore, in some communities, especially in Asia has held a tradition to shave baby’s hair when the baby is older than 40 days. Tradition is intended that the hair loss is inherited from the womb and replaced with new, more dense and black (depending on hair color both parents).

castor oil for baby hair treatment

Be careful when shaving the baby’s hair, as the condition of the baby’s scalp is still softly. If you did not dare, leave it to people who are already experienced.

Mothers who breastfeed her child encouraged to eat green bean juice or soy milk. How, you just take the green bean cooking water and drunk it. Taste is slightly bitter and can be mixed with honey or sugar to eliminate the bitterness. Or it could give the green bean juice in a bottle of milk that has been mixed with a little sugar and directly fed to the baby /children or mixed into milk. That said, the water of green bean is also good to drink when she was pregnant. It’s supposed to be efficacious for smoothing the skin of the baby and also make thicken hair from the womb.

castor oil for baby hair

Castor Oil for baby’s hair treatment

The easiest way to get the baby’s hair becomes thick is in a treatment with castor oil and coconut oil, the trick is to take 2 parts of castor oil and 1 part of coconut oil, mix until blended in a container, warm the oil before use. Using of this herb should be late afternoon. Apply the oil mixture into the baby’s scalp and massaged gently until evenly distributed. Clean the remaining oil dripping on the head with a towel. In the morning use a safe baby shampoo to rinse it. Use it at least twice a week for optimal results.

That’s the tips to make thicken your baby’s hair with a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil.