Treat you hair according to hair type

Treat you hair according to hair type

Remember, hair is a woman’s crown. In addition to the face, the hair is a part of the body that needs to get attention and treatment as special as your face treatment. How you will look beautiful if you do not treat your hair well. Thus the hair must be healthy is to support your beauty. Everyone has a different type of hair. Of course, how to care for her hair will be different according to the type of hair. Therefore get to know your own hair type before performing hair care.

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Did you know your hair type?

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If you do not know your hair type, just try to do the following steps:
a. Wash your hair with shampoo the day before.
b. Take a tissue paper and press in the middle of the head and behind the ears.
c. If you find oil on the tissue paper that means you have oily hair, but if not, your hair type is dry.

However, there is a theory which is believed by many experts of hair:
a. Peoples who have normal skin, they will have a normal hair too.
b. The person has dry skin she has dry hair.
c. People who have oily skin tend to have oily hair too.
d. If you have oily head and ended up dry then you have combination hair type.

A. Oily hair

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      Oily hair is often associated with overactive oil glands due to

higher hormone levels

    . This type looks flat with the head and look like limp and dandruff. Dust and dirt will easily stick to the hair because it was too oily. As a result, even the hair look dull, limp, and not “live”. Basically oil is a good thing, because it can protect the hair so as not cracked and very dry. But, if it’s too much, certainly is not a good idea.

How to care for oily hair?

  • Wash your hair every day to keep your hair is clean.
  • Use a gentle shampoo When shampooing, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Use a toner or freshener hair so the hair does not smell.
  • Avoid using a conditioner from the hair root. However, use in the hair and massage gently. You can use avocado to treat as a conditioner for your oily hair.
  • Use a towel to dry thoroughly after each wash.
  • Avoid foods that contain too much oil, increase the intake of vegetables.
  • Do not comb your hair too often because it is actually helping to spread the oil throughout the hair.
  • Massage the head and your hair by using 1 cup of lemon juice, then rinse with warm water. Do it once a week.
  • Do not use a hair dryer is too hot and too often.

B. Dry hair

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      Dry hair is more easily tangled, difficult to comb, and very fragile. Often the hair also looks chapped and unhealthy. The reason could be due to overuse of care or treatment in the salon, such as alternating dyed,


      and because of too frequent shampooing. As a result, the oil content to below normal hair and the hair becomes less humidity. Other causes, it could be because of health factors such as malnutrition (


    ), anorexia, etc. or because the weather is very dry.

How do I care?

  • Do not shampoo every day. But, just wash it 3-5 days.
  • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to use shampoo every time out.
  • Use hot oil treatment to treat your hair. Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil and honey, may be mixed with almonds. After that, wrap a warm towel for 30 minutes, then rinse. Perform this activity 3-4 weeks.
  • Avoid painting or curling hair in the distance is too close.

C. The combination hair type

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    This hair type has a combination of oily hair and dry hair. Typically, the hair which is close to the scalp is oily, while the end is dry. How to treat the hair like this? Use warm water when shampooing, nor hot water. Although the roots are greasy hair, but avoid using a special shampoo for oily hair. You must use a shampoo for normal hair. Do not use too much shampoo. Take a little or half of the measuring, tap-tap on the roots, and let the foam flow to the ends of the hair. Use a conditioner on the hair shaft, not the roots. Rinse hair until completely clean after shampooing.

D. Normal hair

      This type of hair is hair that is not greasy, but not too dry. Way of treatment of normal hair types easier than other hair types. Well, to keep it,

should not be too often do the painting or curling hair

      . You can use shampoo twice or third times a week is good, and use the conditioner as needed. You can use avocado as a conditioner to your hair. Using

hot oil treatment for hair

    is better to make your hair healthy and shiny.

That’s a way to treat your hair according to your hair type.