Vanilla and Milk for Shiny Hair Treatment

Vanilla and Milk for Shiny Hair Treatment

This time Hot Oil treatment for hair blog will tell you how vanilla and milk are good for your hair treatment. How the vanilla and milk work to the hair so the hair will go up shiny. All these materials can be obtained easily and the price is not expensive. We will also explain how to make it easy and convenient so you can try it yourself.

What is the benefit of Vanilla for hair?

Before we know the benefit of vanilla for hair, we have to know that Vanilla / Vanilla Planifolia is a tropical plant the family of orchid that has a kind of fruit fragrant.

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This species comes from Mexico but the largest producer of vanilla is Madagascar. According from the vanilla official website ( vanilla is commonly use in addition to the sweet aroma of food and beverages. Saponin and polyphenol content in vanilla believed to calm nerves and evoke positive mood, making it more passionate.
The benefit of vanilla for hair is good to avoid stress when you have made a treatment for your hair. Because we have known that stress is the one thing of hair problems causes. And know you can buy vanilla extract around your home to start making home natural treatment for your hair. The right combination of ingredients with vanilla is milk. Why we choose milk to combine with vanilla for hair treatment?

What is the benefit of Milk for hair?

Every people known that milk uses as a beverage, of course we have known what is the benefit of milk for our body that milk makes our body health. Milk is the beverage mandatory for everyone from infants to the elderly.

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The nutrients in milk that is very complete content of calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamins. Although the protein content in milk too small but It has a highly qualified protein because come from an animal product. Beside it milk also contains vitamins A and D.

The benefits of milk for hair is the protein content in milk that can be perfectly absorbed in the scalp, cover scales on the hair cuticle so your hair looks more glowing and shine. The milk we use for hair treatment of course the pure milk not the canned milk or powdered milk likes in the supermarket. I think we can get pure milk easily now that a lot of whole milk that has been packaged and sold in many places around us. Please search for your own reference to obtain pure milk.

How to homemade natural hair treatment from vanilla extract and milk?

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For one treatment you need 100 cc of milk and one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract or powder its about 5 to 10 grams if you will weigh them. How to make it, first warmed the milk in in boiling water. Make sure everything dissolves vanilla powder in liquid milk. Keep alert and do not let milk protein to be broken because it would not be useful. Combine vanilla powder into the warm milk and stir until evenly distributed. Allow 3 to 5 minutes until slightly thickened milk before use. Before use you should wash your hair clean first let me use a shampoo that suits your hair or use a regular shampoo that you use everyday.

Use this mixture to the milk and vanilla like your hair by using oil for hair care, massage your scalp as well so ingredients seep into the hair follicles and pores. Then steam your hair for 15 minutes or it could also cover your hair with warm towel for 25 minutes, change the towels every 5 minutes by dipping back into the hot water and then squeezed again before using the hair. Rinse your hair with warm water, use a little shampoo and rinse with cold water. Use regularly at least once a week to get shiny hair.

That is vanilla and milk for shiny hair treatment tips from us, please read more tips here.